Aimee Tischer

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    Aimee Tischer is a singer/songwriter from Duluth, MN.  Using haunting melodies and harmonies, her music has both an ethereal and evocative quality with the goal of stirring others to be bold and passionate. Having been drawn to strong female musicians, her influences include Dolly Parton, Amy Winehouse, and Norah Jones.
     Aimee has been a long-time student of the musical arts starting at seven years of age.  She first learned to play the piano then expanded into learning the guitar.  Aimee has always been eager to learn and experiment with new instruments, striving to incorporate sounds that have been personal to her (such as her mother’s Autoharp) into her live and pre-recorded looping on stage.
     Aimee did not learn to sing until her sophomore year in high school when she won a contest to sing Sarah McClachlan's "I Will Remember You" during that year’s Homecoming celebrations. She then began songwriting but did not do so on a professional level until she moved in to the Washington Studios Artist’s Cooperative in 2009. There, she was surrounded by many neighbors who were also professional musicians. Hearing them practice in their homes and perform out in the community inspired her to continue developing her songwriting skills. She has since been performing at various local venues (Thirsty Pagan, Lake Avenue Café, Sir Benedict’s Tavern, Beaner’s Central) and you can usually catch her and her husband frequenting Beaner’s for their weekly Open Mics.   

     She utilizes other instruments including electric guitar, banjo ukulele, microKorg synthesizer, and the Boss RC-300 Loop Station. 

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